Linux on an IBM ThinkPad 390e

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Well, there were a lot of other good web pages out there on how to get Linux up and running on a 390e, so I didn't write this web page until now. I'll put the quick-and-dirty specs in here, and then refer you to the other, much better, web pages that I used to get my thinkpad running.
What I have: Thinkpad 390 2626 EOU (PII 333MHz (256KB) 128MB RAM 4.3GB 14.1 XGA TFT 24X CDROM 56K(Int))

Sorry this isn't very detailed, but others have already done it. I'd like to thank especially Allin Cottrell and Adam Spiers. A web page I discovered after I was done setting up my thinkpad was written by Craig Kulesa. It's quite nice.
Kees Cook.