07/29/97 Seminar Questions Answered

"How big is the Online Diagnostic bundle?"

Well, I was very wrong: the size is a little over 27M. Besides the /usr/sbin/stm/* tree, there is also a /usr/sbin/diag/* tree, and it makes additions to /usr/sbin, and the startup files in /sbin/init.d.

The bundle for s700 machines is:

OnlineDiag                    B.10.20        HPUX 10.0 Support Tools Bundle 
size in Kb: 27111

"How should we install LROM?"

  1. Set up the NFS mount for the LROM
    If you have HP automounter (it exists by default in 10.20) follow the "A" instructions. Otherwise, follow the "B" instructions.
    A) I recommend using the HPUX 10.20 automounter. In SAM:
    1. "Networking and Communications-> Networked File Systems-> Mounted Remote File Systems"
    2. "Actions/Enable Automounter" if it isn't already
    3. "Actions/Add Remote File System/Using NFS Automounter"
    4. Fill in the values:
      Local Directory Name:   /lromcd
      Remote Server Name:     hp.cso.uiuc.edu
      Remote Directory Name:  /pub/lrom
      It will add/change the defaults as you enter information. One (annoying) thing is that my hostname alias will change from "hp" to "locutus". Not really an issue.
    B) If you don't have the automounter for some reason:
    1. Add the NFS mount to your /etc/fstab with the following line:
      locutus.cso.uiuc.edu:/pub/lrom /lromcd nfs ro,nosuid,soft,bg 0 0
    2. And then type "mount /lromcd".
  2. Install the LROM bundle
    Either run "swinstall" or use SAM ("Software Management-> Install Software to Local Host") and do the following:
    1. Fill in the values for "Network Directory/CDROM":
      Source Host:         hp.cso.uiuc.edu
      Source Depot Path:   /pub/sw1020
    2. Select "LROM (HP LaserROM/UX)" and do "Actions/Install"
    3. When it's finished, quit out, and edit the file "/opt/lrom/config/.lromrc". Change the line that reads
      to read
  3. You're done.
    To access it, type "lrom". If the PATH hasn't been set correctly, it can be found in "/opt/lrom/bin/lrom". The useful stuff is in "Series 700 10.* Manuals". I usually use a "Search" to find what I'm looking for.

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Last modified: Wednesday, September 10 1997