08/25/97 Seminar - HPUX Security Issues

Security is an important issue for all workstations. In this seminar I covered mostly general issues, and a few issues specific to HPUX machines.


Encap really doesn't have anything to do with security, but it is a nice package management tool. I brought it up because many of the security tools that I recommend I have also built into Encap archives. The best place to read about the Encap method of software installation is the Encap Web page. A quick over-view is this: all third party software ends up in /usr/local/encap/[package name]. For example, "ssh" version 1.2.20, would be in /usr/local/encap/ssh-1.2.20/bin/ssh. Encap then makes links from all the package directories into the /usr/local/* directories. For example, everything in /usr/local/encap/ssh-1.2.20/bin/* would end up linked to from /usr/local/bin/*. I highly recommend it. The complete list of other HPUX precompiled programs (there are MANY) can be found at the U of I's HPUX Encap Archive.

Preventive Measures

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Last modified: Friday, October 17 1997