In preparation for a little soundboard-like project I want to do, I've created an audio scavenger hunt (mostly just for myself, though help is welcome). The goal is to find as many as possible short exclamations of triumph from movies, TV, etc. These can also include jeers. Imagine using these at a Hockey game; every time you score a goal, you play one of these random clips. They need to be short enough to not disrupt play, but memorable enough to annoy the other team.



Source Ideas

Holy Grail, Star Wars,
Star Trek (borg!), Army of Darkness, Simpsons, South Park, Akira,
Clerks, Kool-aid man, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, X-Files, 
Princess Bride, Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters (keymaster?),
Ghostbusters II, Contact, Aliens,
R Lee Ermey: I didn't know they STACKED shit that high!
Coach, from Beavis and Butthead, after being kicked in the crotch: 
Homer, after being defibbed after a heart attack: THAT'S the stuff.