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“Recovering the Lost World” will explain almost all mythology with great ease, including many concepts which have remained entirely obscured to alternative cosmologists despite years of investigations.

The book provides a valid chronology, often to calendar dates, and explains the interaction of planets in physical terms.

This is a cosmology based entirely on the supposition that the coherent worldwide mythology is history — rather than creative fiction writing in antiquity.

What will not be offered are alien intervention, exploding meteors, or collisions with other planets. This text is also not about religion or theology. It’s about history.

It is a history that mainstream academics do not deal with, in spite of the fact that all the information presented here is readily available, and remains within the scope of physics and accepted chronology. It simply needs to be reconstructed.

The entire text is available online, at Saturnian Cosmology, and here, for reading offline in some fashion. Please choose the print (split into 3 volumes) or ebook format that works best for you:

Print Edition Volumes


Introduction and Background
Established Archaeology
Mythology and Remote Antiquity
(616 pages)
$32.99 (USD)
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Narratives of Ancient History
The Start of Modern History
The Parallel Mesoamerican Record
(610 pages)
$32.99 (USD)
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The Parallel Mesoamerican Record
Appendixes A – P
(584 pages)
$32.99 (USD)
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eBook Editions


Recovering the Lost World (PDF)
The entire 700,000 words of Recovering the Lost World in a single 24MB PDF (1700 pages)
$7.99 (USD)

Recovering the Lost World (EPUB)
The entire 700,000 words of Recovering the Lost World in a single 10MB EPUB (for most e-book readers)
$7.99 (USD)
Recovering the Lost World (MOBI)
The entire 700,000 words of Recovering the Lost World in a single 11MB MOBI (for Kindle)
$7.99 (USD)




Recovering the Lost World T-Shirt
The book cover to “Recovering the Lost World” from SaturnianCosmology.Org.
$18.95 (USD)

6 Gods T-Shirt
The five gods of the north and three gods of the south (three as one — that’s where all the world-wide concepts of trinities come from) are urging the elder God Jupiter to start creation. The details are from the “Popol Vuh”, a 16th century Guatemalan book, but the image is from some Maya pot, a few hundred years earlier.
$18.95 (USD)

Hydra T-Shirt
The seven headed monster Hydra in the sky, the seven chambers of the Bible, the seven seas of Sinbad — a phrasing still extant today. This was the seven rings seen in the south sky until 2349 BC. In antiquity it was understood as a sea, the Absu. At the time of the equinoxes the shadow of Earth would obscure these rings to make it look like snakes were approaching the south.
$18.95 (USD)

Izapa Stela 5 T-Shirt
This carved image is from Izapa, a location with many carved images, but not a single text or date. The gods are extracting humans from the world tree. This is Stela 5, dated 300 BC to AD 250. This is an enhanced version, where details are brought out with side lighting.
$18.95 (USD)

Leviathan T-Shirt
Leviathan, a sea monster destroyed by God in the Bible. It was probably the plasmoid from Jupiter landing at the Sun in August of 685 BC, but it could have been the earlier plasmoid from Venus in 2349 BC. Image by Gustave Dore, late 19th century.
$18.95 (USD)

Seven-Macaw T-Shirt
A pottery image (the “Blowgunner Pot”): Hunahpu shoots Itzam-Yeh (Seven-Macaw). The text reads, “Done by Hun-Ahau; on 1-Ahau 3-Kankin he entered the sky, Itzam-Yeh.” Hunahpu is required to remove Itzam-Yeh from the top of the world tree before creation can start.
$18.95 (USD)

Corn God T-Shirt
The Corn God (First Father, Jupiter) rises from a crack in a turtle carapace, attended by Xbalanque and Hunahpu, first appeared in the south sky after 10,900 BC. This is the first time Jupiter is seen as the new ruling god in 3147 BC (and resurrection in 2349 BC). Hunahpu and Xbalanque are assisting him, even though their actions date from 685 BC. (The two monster heads below them represent the two-headed plasmoid from Jupiter.)
$18.95 (USD)

Polar Configuration T-Shirt
Separation of the planets in 3147 BC. For Earth, perhaps a distance of 2.8 million miles below Saturn is not unexpected. At 2.8 million miles, Saturn would look three times as large as the Moon does today. Mercury, located a quarter to a half million miles below Saturn, would have looked considerably larger with its atmosphere and coma. Mars was much further from Saturn and would have remained a speck except when it lowered to earth.
$18.95 (USD)

Mammoth T-Shirt
A mammoth carving from the wall of the Cave of Font de Gaume, France. This image showed biologists that the mammoth stored fat in a hump on its head. Dated to circa 17,000 BC.
$18.95 (USD)

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