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And, to divert you from reading any more of my page, here are some people and their pages in no particular order:
    Bryce and I met at OSDL. He got me interested in Inkscape, and is usually working on plans to take over the world.
    Dan and I met just before highschool. Then he went to Canada. But then he came back. And then he was off to Atlanta.
    Doug stalked me from a BBS in high school so I followed him to Portland.
    Jason is my go-to man for all things Web. And he can draw like the wind! I met him in grade school.
    Amber is the first of friends my age to be titled "Doctor".
    Mike doesn't have a homepage, but he started a community through his machine, so that's good enough.
    Erik has great photography skillz. I met him in College.
    Lisa is studying to heal. I met her in College.
    Adriaan is a guy I ran into on the net. He went the academic route I wish I could handle. AI researcher and Dutch! I'm halfway there.


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