CTF 2006
This year, Kenshoto hosted the 2006 DefCon Capture-the-Flag Contest, starting August 4th.
It was hard work the whole way through, but Team 1@stPlace (@tlas, apu, drb, fury, mezzendo, plato, psifertex, wrffr) managed to win it. The other teams kept us on our toes and were very strong players. Teams competing were:
Check back here for a possible write-up. CTF is much larger than the prequals, so it may take some time (and masochistic tendencies) to do a detailed walk-through of the entire contest.
Some fun CTF links from Fury, wrffr:
  1. Keep services up at all times. Who cares if someone is stealing your keys?! Service Level is a direct multiplier of all other points.
  2. Automate attacks. Spend your time developing new attacks, not running old ones.
  3. Automate key management. Spend your time stealing new keys, not shuffling old keys.