CTF 2006 Prequalifications
This year, Kenshoto hosted the 2006 DefCon Capture-the-Flag Prequalifications round, starting the evening of June 9th. Team 1@stPlace (@tlas, apu, drb, plato, psifertex, shiruken, wrffr) had great fun solving all of Kenshoto's excellent challenges, and we hope this site will help anyone interested in practicing or learning more for future CTF adventures. Please send any errors, corrections, ideas, or flames to Doc Brown. (Thanks go to Sk3wlMaster and Invisigoth for a number of updates!)
Kenshoto sent official instructions, but the short version is: find a secret key associated with each challenge. Below is the list of challenges, broken down by category, along with the key that that was recovered once the challenge was solved so you can check your work. For challenges that require a running server instance (e.g. Web 3.0, Pwnables, and some Binary Leetness) you'll use the server at kenshoto.allyourboxarebelongto.us. Though likely the server is no longer available.
There are some questions where we lost the exact phrasing used during the prequals. In those places, we've paraphrased as suitable a question as we could manage. :) If you have the exact question used, please email Doc with it.
Read the Trivia walk-through.
Web 3.0
Read the Web 3.0 walk-through.
Read the Forensics walk-through.
Binary Leetness
Read the Binary Leetness walk-through.
Potent Pwnables
Read the Potent Pwnables walk-through.
The Scoreboard