Linux Log-structured Filesystem Project

This project is on hold (probably forever). Luckily, someone else has made a better attempt at a Linux LFS system. Check out Christian Czezatke's LFS project.
Kees' Psuedo Logging Filesystem (the Linux LFS Project) is making it's way into reality. I've started thinking about the code during class and while sleeping, so eventually something will come to fruition.

I'm keeping notes on what I'm researching in the Linux VFS Kernel, so I can possible write a filesystem-writing HOWTO for the Linux Documentation Project.

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Linux Documentation Project

Last modified: 06 May 1998

What IS a log-structured or journaling filesystem, anyway?
Where can I find an LFS project that isn't stalled?



The KPL Plan

Status: see highlighted line in the Plan. We're always improving/breaking previously finished parts of the plan. The highlighted stuff is what's currenlty in the development stages.
Planned Completion Date: sometime in 1998 for orignal beta-test release of KPL

The People

List Serve Maintainer: Sean McAdam
Documentation: Pete Deuel
Beta Testers: Fozzy Dressel, Diaz
Programmers: Kees Cook
WWW Page Maintainer: Kees Cook

Contact Info

List Serve:
Web Page:

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