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January 1, 2005


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Well, after messing around with WordPress for a little while, I switched to Drupal. WordPress is pretty cool, and all I really wanted was a nice Blog system. Drupal is a bit of overkill for that, but it seems more mature. WordPress really didn’t like being put onto an HTTPS server, so that made it a pretty poor choice for me.

Before getting a huge list of Blogs from the folks on the inkscape channel (thanks guys!) I had briefly tried Simple Blog System, and ran screaming from it. There were at least 3 types of security holes in it. I only noticed because I saw one within the first 10 lines of index.php. I’m not sure how far I trust Drupal, but at least it correctly deals with PHP magicquotes.

Check out Open Source CMS for a list of all the various CMS software out there. Kinda handy if you have an entire day to blow looking through all the stuff.

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