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January 4, 2005

Fun with LCDs

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Worked for a little while last night trying to figure out how to rotate the image on an LCD screen. Turns out the controller actually has a built in rotation ability. All the examples in the docs show a portrait LCD display being rotated to a landscape LCD display. I needed to the do the opposite. Anyway, 1 typo and several LCD controller registers later, I had convinced it to work, but with a nasty flicker. I dug around a little more and finally found where I could define “line widths” for the display memory (as in, each line of physical memory is 256 bytes, but it’s only going to display 240 of those bytes). Thank goodness the display library had already been set up to deal with virtual spans. Anyway, with that in place, it came up perfectly. Yay! It’s going to wreak havoc on the the testing routines: let’s just say the screen CRCs aren’t going to be the same. In fact, the screen CRCs might be just flat wrong; I’m not sure what portions of video memory it scans.

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