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January 13, 2005

Command Line Scraps

Filed under: Security — kees @ 6:21 pm

Usually when I have to temporarily hold onto something in my cut buffer, I might paste it into an open xterm. I don’t have any fancy cut buffer management tools running (though I probably should). So it’s always amusing to Alt-Tab through my windows after a busy day and find little snippets of conversations, phone numbers, and today when I sat down to my computer at home after work, I find, pasted into my xterm from the evening earlier’s experimentation: 'OR''='

I had a brief flash of what it might be like to be a drunken blackhat. Waking up in the morning, navigating through a sea of beer bottles, settling down at your computer, only to find it strewn with previously calculated buffer overflow offsets, SQL injection attempts, and cracked WEP keys. “Oh man, what a night! What did I get myself into?”

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