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April 21, 2005

officially an RSS junkie

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Well, I think I’m officially an RSS junkie. I had ignored RSS for so long, I nearly forgot about it, but when I was shown, I was reminded how powerful RSS is. Figured it was once again time to look around for an aggregator I could use. (Although I still think polling is a bad design for event management.)

Most of the reason I had ignored RSS was because every aggregator I had tried was buggy or had a frustrating interface. I guess enough time has passed, and when I tried straw a few days ago, it worked perfectly well. So, I started collecting all the RSS feeds from all the websites I’d been collecting on my firefox tab bar. It was getting pretty big, and I hated having to reload every tab each morning.

I realize I’m way late to the party on this, but I still think it’s great fun. I even hunted down a little RSS writer for my Photo Blog and got it built in so I could aggregate it too. :) (And it’s really cool to add Creative Commons tags to each and every thing in the RSS feed.)

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