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August 1, 2005

Plan B sucked!

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Well, our team of 3 didn’t do so well at CTF this year (4th in teams). But, I guess, holding our own against teams with 20+ people on them is kind of good. The game’s network was organized very differently from years past, and we had no way for inline Snort to work. They held the machines locally (in a FreeBSD jail), and we just got a network drop so we could share the network with our server. That was pretty disappointing, but I think it made the game much more pure. This year’s focus was on code auditing and binary analysis.

Both of my basic goals were achieved though:

  • Not come in last
  • Modify the token scoring tool to play victory WAVs any time we scored a point. That worked very well and was a great motivator.

I guess I’m going to have to really get cracking with some gdb programming work. Jesse’s auto-stack-overflow-detector rocks, and I think that can be seriously expanded, if not hooked up to Metasploit directly.

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