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August 15, 2005

1 second film

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I found the 1 Second Film project today while trying to remember the name of the movie I saw this weekend. All I could remember was the dude was from Hackers. His name turns out to be Jesse Bradford. (The movie was Happy Endings, which I thought was pretty fun.) I was surprised to see Jesse Bradford listed as a Producer on another film, so I followed the link only to discover that everyone is a producer for the 1 Second Film.

Anyone can become a Producer (and get listed on IMDB) by sending them money. The film itself is going to be 1 second of 12 doubled frames of animation (which will be auctioned off after the movie opens). The credits will then roll for 60 minutes, playing next to a “The Making Of” movie. The profits are going to charity, and celebrities seem to have started a bidding war. Their credit-purchasing page is linked to PayPal, so it looks super-easy to support them. Crazy.

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