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August 29, 2005

open source disassemblers

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Not a lot of OSS folks seem to be interested in reverse engineering, so as a result, there isn’t anything like IDA-Pro for the OSS reverse engineer. There is a very excellent disassembling library, but it has no user interface (yet). It used to have Bastard attached, but that’s pretty out of date now. There is also Lida, but it doesn’t even compile. It was based on Bastard, but I can’t get it to work. It seems to be missing some specific version of the opcode map from Bastard.

Bastard and Lida are both static analysis tools, though. What I really want is a dynamic analyzer. I want to be able to trace the call paths during Porrasturvat’s execution, so I can more easily figure out which function is called when I click “Dismount”. That’ll help me find the Force constant. I’m worried I’m going to have to hack together some unholy Perl script to run “stepi” over and over, waiting for each “call” to take place. That. Would. Be. Very. Slow.

Anyway, I was really impressed with libdisasm, so I built an automake/autoconf setup for it. Even if they don’t want it, I like being able to do a “make install” and having the library end up in the right place. :)

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