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March 27, 2006

presenting at OSCon 2006

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Woohoo! I got accepted to present at OSCon again! I’m really excited about this one, too — I get to present about something non-work-related. The title of my presentation is “DVR Happiness: Gluing MythTV and TiVo together with Galleon“. Here is my proposed outline:

  1. Intro to DVRs
    • TiVo: have you been under a rock?
    • MythTV: learn all about video standards.
  2. TiVo Gets You A Lot
    • Hacked TiVos can do great things
    • Is your TiVo a tool or a toy?
    • Stock TiVos can do cool stuff too
    • ToGo: move video from TiVo to PC
    • GoBack: move video from PC to TiVo
    • MP3s: streaming from anywhere
    • Image Galleries: beyond just snapshots
    • Galleon Gets You More
    • Implements the server-side of TiVo features
    • On-the-fly format conversion
  3. MythTV Gets You The Most
    • Making Tivo recordings available to MythTV
    • Format conversion
    • Making MythTV recordings available to TiVo
    • Mounting a MythTV filesystem with FUSE
    • Making your MythTV remote make noises
    • Short-cuts with the Linux IR daemon

EDIT: WordPress pisses me off so very much when it comes to lists, indenting, and code snippets. Some day, I will switch to something that just lets me type in HTML and doesn’t try to “fix” it for me afterwards. *fume*

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  1. Sweet! Sounds like a great presentation! I love my TiVo and have been very interested in playing around with MythTV.

    Comment by Dominic Mazzoni — March 28, 2006 @ 5:17 am

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