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April 11, 2006

construction movies

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From the time-lapse construction webcam I set up with Brian, I built a pair of AVIs. These were made with ffmpeg so they use the FMP4 codec. Windows folks can find ffdshow in a number of places.

Left view movie (31M), set to Delerium’s “Silence” (with Sarah Mclachlan).
Right view movie (24M), set to a remix of Everything But the Girl’s “Like the Deserts Miss the Rain”.

I tried to build these movies showing only day-light hours, on work days. A few holidays sneak in, though. (There’s a longer section of a few days where no one shows up for work across Thanksgiving, for example.)

The AVI frame rate is 25fps, with each frame jumping 10 minutes. The effective speed is 14400:1. They span the time from July 26 2005 through January 21 2006. (The right-side camera was added on August 29.)

My least favorite easter egg is where the room-light-shield I taped up to keep room glare off the camera peels off the window and hangs in front of one of the cameras during Christmas and New Year’s vacation (when no one was around to fix it).

My most favorite easter egg is near the latter half when a pile drilling rig is parked in the foreground. Over the course of the day, the hydraulics holding the drill up at an angle bleed out, and the drill slowly pitches forward. I just love it; it’s exactly the kind of event no one notices at the time because it’s happening so slowly. Seen in time-lapse, though, it’s very obvious — it’s the only thing moving at all! :)


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