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May 4, 2006

careful with mysql downgrades

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I ran into a nasty bug while attempting to downgrade a MySQL database. I had been running my MythTV machine on Debian Unstable, but recently reinstalled to Ubuntu. This has the unfortunate consequence of going from MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 4.0. The “mysqldump” option “–compat=mysql40” kind of forgets to include the “auto_increment” flag for tables creation. This caused my subsequent MythTV 0.18 to 0.19 upgrade attempt to instantly bomb, since all the INSERTs expecting the PRIMARY KEY to increment as new stuff was inserted … didn’t.

Once I split the dumps into tables (-t) and data (-d) with different “–compat” levels and hand-edited the tables, everything was “fine” again. I actually got the whole system up and on its feet again, with no loss of Stargate SG-1 episodes. ;)

So, now all I have to fight with is Xv on an old S3 card. Looks like new versions of Xorg don’t aim Xv to the right place. And, mysteriously, the S3 card’s Xv implementation lacks the XV_SWITCHCRT attribute, so I can’t just use “xvattr” to fix it, like I do I my laptop. Aaagh.

I wonder if something like the xorg.conf’s Option MonitorLayout “TV,CRT” might help it? I’ll try that tomorrow.

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