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July 27, 2006

I love Open Source Software

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Today, Randy let me borrow his awsome presentation remote. It’s basically an RF remote, whose other end is a USB fob, that acts as a keyboard. The two “next” and “previous” buttons on the remote map to “PageUp” and “PageDown” keys, which worked great for the Crucible and Xen presentation Bryce and I gave this afternoon.

Tomorrow, for my MythTV presenation, I’m using, which makes a distinction between “Space” and “PageDown”. “PageDown” goes literally to the next slide, where as “Space” triggers the next animation within a slide. Since my presentation slides have a ton of “reveals”, I need to be pressing “Space”, not “PageDown”. A search of the Logitech page yielded no info on changing the remote’s config, so I opted to using “xmodmap” to get the job done for me.

Using “xev”, I found that the keysym for “PageDown” on my keyboard is 0xff56, and the keysym for “Space” is 0x20. So, I blew away my PageDown key, and replaced it with Space:

echo keysym 0xff56 = 0x20 | xmodmap –

Now the remote works just how I need it. :)

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