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July 16, 2009

Diminished Dapper

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Dapper has reached it’s half-way support age. This means that only shipped server packages are getting official support. If you’re still running Dapper, upgrade to Hardy (and then consider upgrading through Intrepid to Jaunty too, since Intrepid and newer has awesome compiler defaults).

Looking back through my build logs, I can see that my desktop spent 51 hours, 48 minutes, and 37 seconds building 389 security updates. As before, these times obviously don’t include patch hunting/development, failed builds, testing, stuff done on my laptop or the porting machines, etc.

Current combined devel/security build standings per release:

hardy: 172:23:11
intrepid: 85:34:53
jaunty: 20:11:53

Thank you Dapper Desktop! I am reminded what you look like each time I start a Dapper VM. If not for that, my memory of you would have diminished long ago.

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